Fibre Cement Cladding

Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems save time when installing cladding because they enable accurate, hands-free fastener advancement.

  • Recommended for timber or steel framing
  • Fast and accurate screw placement

Systems and Attachments

  PRO300 System
Applications: Fibre cement cladding, subflooring/sheathing
  Accepts Screws
40mm to 65mm
  QDPRO200G2A Attachment
Applications: Drywall, timber underlayment, fiberglass-backed gypsum sheathing
  Accepts Screws
25mm to 50mm

Collated Fasteners

 CBSDG Series
#2 Drill point, Class 3 (as per AS3566.2) mechanically galvanised coating
42mm 25mm, 32mm, 42mm
 WSCBG Series
Type 17 point, Class 3 (as per AS3566.2) mechanically galvanised coating
32mm, 42mm 32mm, 42mm

More information on Quik Drive screw coatings

This teal arrow indicates products available with additional corrosion protection, making them suitable for use in some corrosive environments and with some preservative-treated timbers. To learn more, view our corrosion information.

#2 Drill Point with Wings
Wings cut a path, protecting the integrity of the threads and break away before penetrating the steel.

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