Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving systems are ideal for decks & docks because the holding power of screws prevents fastener heads from popping up above the planks and our extension enables stand-up-and-drive fastening.

  • Screws available for most deck materials, including composite and preservative-treated timber
  • Fast, precise, and consistent fastening

Systems and Attachments

  PRO300 System
Applications: Decks/docks, subfloor, fibre-cement cladding
  Accepts Screws
40mm to 65mm

Collated Fasteners

 Composi-Lok™ (DCL) Series
Composite decking, colors and 305 stainless steel available
 DCSD Series
Composite decking to steel. Quik Guard® coating.
Hardwood deck screw. DHPD: Type 305 stainless steel; DHPDG: Class 3 (as per AS3566.2) mechanically galvanized coating
316 Stainless Steel with carbon steel tip
 SSDTH Series
305 stainless steel, #8 trim head
50mm, 65mm
 SS3DSC Series
305 and 316 stainless steel #10 buglehead
65mm, 75mm
 WSNTLG Series
N2000® finish
50mm, 65mm, 75mm

* WSNTL 50mm, 65mm and 75mm Load Tables

More information on Quik Drive screw coatings

This teal arrow indicates products available with additional corrosion protection, making them suitable for use in some corrosive environments and with some preservative-treated timbers. To learn more, view our corrosion information.



Twin threads for fast driving, nibs for easy countersink


Counterboring Wings and Cap Head

Designed to prevent fastener "spin out" with harder materials in cold or wet conditions and "mushrooming" of composite decking material during installation


SSDTH Box Threads
Drive with less torque

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