AT-HP® Blue Anchoring Adhesive

AT-HP is a fast curing styrene-free methacrylate resin suitable for high performance fixing applications of threaded rod and rebar into concrete. Specially designed for structural fixings.

AT-HP Blue uses colour change technology where the adhesive changes from blue to grey when it cures, which gives a visual representation that the adhesive anchor is ready to load. Multiple cartridge sizes are available to satisfy various trades, applications, and job conditions. The coaxial 280 ml cartridge easily dispenses with a standard caulking gun, while the 380 and 825 ml dual cartridge systems utilize the DT380 and DT825 respectively.



European Technical Approvals:

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280 ml
DT380   MN1  


Technical Information

Technical Data


Surfaces to receive adhesive must be clean. The base material temperature must be 0°C or above at the time of installation. For best results, material should be 20-26°C at the time of application. Cartridges should not be immersed in water to facilitate warming. To warm cold material, the cartridges should be stored in a warm, uniformly heated area or storage container for a sufficient time to allow epoxy to warm completely. Mixed material in nozzle can harden in 1-2 minutes at a temperature of 5°C or above.


Shelf Life

18 months

Storage Conditions

For best results store between 0– 26°C. Partially used cartridges can be stored for a limited time by leaving nozzle in place. To re-use, attach new nozzle.


Blue changes to grey when cured

Clean Up

Uncured material – Wipe up with cotton clothes. If desired scrub area with abrasive, water based cleaner and flush with water. If approved, solvents such as ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.), lacquer thinner or adhesive remover can be used. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS TO CLEAN ADHESIVE FROM SKIN. Take appropriate precautions when handling flammable solvents. Solvents can damage the surfaces to which they are applied. Cured material – chip or grind off surface

Test Criteria

European Technical Approval Option 7


AT-HP® Cartridge System

Model No. Capacity
Dispensing tool(s) Mixing Nozzle
AT-HP280BLUE-AU 280 12 DT300 or Standard Caulking Gun MN1
AT-HP380BLUE-AU 380 12 DT380 MN1
AT-HP825BLUE-AU 825 6 ADT30S MN1

Use only appropriate Simpson Strong-Tie mixing nozzle in accordance with Simpson Strong-Tie instructions. Modification or improper use of mixing nozzle may impair epoxy performance.

Cure Schedule

Base Material
Gel Time
Cure Time
0 45 150
10 10 105
20 6 50
30 .5 30


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